HSI ISAE2021 Travel Awards

HSI ISAE2021 Travel Awards

For the past twenty years, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and Humane Society International (HSI) has provided financial assistance for graduate students to attend the ISAE International Congress and present their research. We are pleased to be able to offer this award once again in 2021. This year, we will be accepting applications from students worldwide who have not been prior recipients of this award, and we will provide partial or full funding for approximately three graduate students to present their research at the Congress. Selection will be based on the potential impact of the students’ research toward improving farm animal welfare and on financial need.

The travel award was developed with the following objectives:

  • To raise the profile of farm animal welfare as a discipline in animal and veterinary science colleges.
  • To encourage students to investigate issues in farm animal welfare.
  • To provide students the opportunity to attend the ISAE meeting to present their research and so they can meet with, and learn from, others who work in this discipline.

The following items are necessary for your application to be considered:

  1. Your name, contact information, academic institution, level of study, and the name of your advisor, along with a letter from you indicating:
    – your interest in animal welfare
    – your desire to attend this conference and what you hope to gain
    – the relevance of your research to the advancement of farm animal welfare
    – financial need
  2. An abstract of your research, which you would present at the International Congress. Travel awards are contingent on the acceptance of your abstract by the ISAE committee. Application for this travel award does not suggest that ISAE has received or will accept your abstract.
  3. Itemized list of travel expenses in US currency.
  4. Letter of recommendation from your major adviser.

Note: Please send all materials together in one pdf or Word document (except, the letter of recommendation may be separate), and include your name on all pages. Deadline for submission is March 12, 2021. Please send applications to Paul Petersan at ISAE.Awards@hsi.org.

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